New Year, New Kitchenware

As we approach 2022, it's time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the future. Whether you're wanting to improve your space or expand your repertoire, these kitchenware products can help you breathe new life into your kitchen and cooking habits. Furniture and design, like household appliances, are vulnerable to wear and tear. New ones emerge as they evolve, making our lives easier and allowing us to produce more efficient and effective goods. If you want to maintain your kitchen up to date, keep reading to find out what you should do next.

1. Smart Storage Bowls

This cutting-edge Stor'eat by Mastrad connected food storage solution, which is both elegant and durable, helps reduce home food waste.

These borosilicate glass containers can go from the freezer to the oven or the fridge to the microwave and are temperature resistant from -4°F to 752°F. Furthermore, its quick-locking lids are BPA-free.

Smart: To keep track of what's in them, Stor'eat containers have QR codes and their own smartphone app.

Compact: Containers can be stacked effortlessly thanks to the removable, robust handles, conserving room in the cabinet, freezer, and fridge.

Colorful: Each container size has a distinct handle color that makes it easy to distinguish between them.
The silicone seal may be removed for complete cleaning, making it more

Hygienic: Containers, lids, and handles are all dishwasher safe!


2. Heat Resistant Silicone Spoons

These silicone spoons can withstand temperatures up to 572°F, you can mix, spoon, and dollop whatever you want. By minimizing bacteria development, the hygienic, one-piece design helps keep your utensils clean and your food safe. Nonstick pots, pans, and bowls may be stirred, scraped, and banged without harming the nonstick coating.


• Nonporous, nonstick, stain resistant

• 100% silicone

• Ambidextrous

• Heat resistant up to 572°F

• Easy to clean, dishwasher safe


3. Vacuum Freezer Bags

Vacuum bags are a simple and inexpensive solution to store and keep both cooked and raw food fresh. To prevent plastic waste, vacuum bags trap in odors and are hand washable and 100% reusable.

Kit includes:

  • 5 44-oz bags
  • 5 101-oz bags
  • 1 vacuum pump

Optimize your food storage and save space in your cupboards, freezer, and fridge. These bags are freezer safe, preventing freezer burn and saving you money. The preprinted QR code stickers can be used with Mastrad's Stor'eat food storage system to keep track of what you have and when you should eat it by.

Product features

  • 5 44-oz bags
  • 5 101-oz bags
  • 1 vacuum pump
  • Charger included
  • Reusable bags
  • Compatible with the Stor'eat system
  • Heat resistant up to 212°F



4. Cold Brew Whippers

Ready to make your own trendy flavored cold brew at home instead of paying for it at a high-priced café? It's all about you with this whipper!

You can make wonderful, foamy, infused cold drinks like coffee, tea, and even cocktails with nitrogen gas!

Product features

  • Capacity: 17 fl oz
  • Fully removable head
  • Whipper bottle is dishwasher safe and the head rinses clean under warm water
  • Do not inhale
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not touch the cartridge immediately after inserting: risks of burns
  • Do not expose to heat (above 120°F) or direct sunlight
  • Do not put in a conventional or microwave oven

Not sure where to find these special items? Head over to to purchase yours!

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