This is How I Send My Kids off to School the Smart Way

Fall is right around the corner! You know what that means my fellow parents—drum roll please— Back to school! Yes, back to school can either be one of the best or worst times of the year as a parent to preschoolers, middle schoolers, and teens. Getting my 7 and 13-year-old ready for school can get a little out of hand sometimes. So, I figured that I'd change my approach in the morning and get my day off to a better start. I decided to ditch the wrinkly paper bags since they tend to tear and leak food in my kid's backpacks. I knew that it was time to try something new, something sturdier that would make my mornings run a bit smoother and faster, instead of piling endless layers of saran wrap on a turkey sandwich and homemade macaroni salad. 

After doing a little research and scrolling through Tick-Tock (mainly for entertainment purposes after a long, exhausting workday) I came across an interesting product: these cute little colorful but minimal glass containers of what I thought to be very creative and innovative. Since then, I've been able to cut my prep time in half. Literally

“Stor'eat Smart Food Storage. Hmm. how smart can a glass box be?” I thought to myself jokingly. I continued to read on. “The handles and silicone seal make them leak-proof for excellent preservation and mess-free transportation”. That’s when I stopped reading. Leak-proof and made of borosilicate glass? No need to tell me twice! I quickly put in an order for the Assortment of different sizes and colors, ranging from 12.51 fl oz to 51.40 fl oz. The leaky lunches must end now!

Within two weeks after they arrived, it is then, I truly discovered what makes these storage containers so smart. Believe it or not, these boxes organized my refrigerator for me. Since everything is color-coded, it's super easy to tell which is which and I don’t even have physical look inside my fridge! I have the Stor'eat app downloaded on my phone that allows me to log in the boxes and their contents and set expiration dates for food that needs to be thrown out before they stink up my fridge.

By scanning the QR codes provided on the handles, I also use the app to manage food inventory. Talk about convenience? So, when my hungry 13-year-old gets home from school in the need of a small bite, I can just tell him what’s in the fridge even when I’m out running errands. It's also important for me to regulate and keep track of what my young scholars are eating to promote their intellectual performance. With Stor'eat, I’ve been able to track what my kids are putting in their bodies, making sure that they keep up a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, and fresh protein. 

Meal prep has also become a lot easier, not just for lunch but for dinner as well. I tend to make a surplus of food thanks to the heavy hands I was passed down from my mother, so my household always has leftovers. I’ve reduced my family’s food waste by a landslide, or in other instances, conveniently reheat meals when I get a little lazy to make a full-blown dinner, especially when my husband gets home late from work. On nights like this, I just turn on the oven and gently place the Stor'eat containers in --- Yes, I said IN THE OVEN. It’s stated that the containers can withstand temperatures between (-4°F/-20°C +752°F/+400°C). Who says leftovers can’t taste good the next day? 

All in all, I’ve seen my life and family’s wellbeing improve so much by having the Stor'eat boxes within our household. My life feels so much more organized, my kids get out the door quicker and mess-free, my fridge looks great without all the bulky bowls, and I’ve saved so much money without having to throw away a substantial amount of food.

I have to say, Stor'eat Boxes are the smart way to go back to school.


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Blog Author: Nikki Chea

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