Tick-Tock paves the way for Vegan Foodie Influencer, Tabitha Brown


Many of you may best know Tabitha Brown as one of the most popular and well-liked Vegan Foodie Influencers of the 21st century. Maybe you've seen her on Instagram, celebrity interviews, or even Tick-Tock. This is where I first discovered Tabitha Brown, the woman who rose to stardom from the comfort of her kitchen.

I have to say, I am a fanatic of food tutorials and recipes! I enjoy scrolling through Tick-Tock, looking for new ideas, inspiration, and learning new things! Within the past year, I observed the #VeganLife take off and become a worldwide trend on social media, a leading cause to the largest demand for vegan products in the United States today.


And if you haven't already caught on the to trend yet or have zero clue whatsoever what Veganism is, I'll break it down for you.
Veganism is the practice of solely eating foods or consuming products that have not been derived from animals. A lot of people have converted to Veganism for a variety of many different benefits. Mainly, to prevent or halt Animal cruelty, and to simply, live a cleaner, and healthier lifestyle, avoiding greasy meats, weight loss, and increased levels of vitamin consumption. Veganism is also known to lower the risk of heart disease! I don't blame them! Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I think about cute baby pigs on a farm while enjoying a slice of greasy, fatty delicious bacon. My scale feels a little disappointed too.
 Now, I've always been a meat, poultry, and seafood indulger all my life so when I saw that Veganism was taking over, I was a little hesitant and indifferent towards it. I always had the impression that anything vegan tasted earthy and lacked flavor. But when I ran into Miss Tabitha Brown on social media, my whole perspective changed. And No, I did not instantly convert to veganism right then and there, but she dang near almost got me too!
I was fascinated by all the amazing homemade recipes that she showcased. It started off with the roasted cauliflower, to the air-fried crispy mushrooms, then the jackfruit tacos, and then the garlic seasoning and the... sorry I started drooling a bit. She continued to walk me through her unique and innovative recipes, repeating every now and then her soothing words "Like so, like that" and then she topped it off with her famous slogan, "But that's my Business" and that's when I slammed my credit card on the table. "Take it all miss Tabitha! Please, take all the money into my bank account!. You can have my kids too!" I said.


It was to my surprise that vegan food wasn't so bad after all! I was educated in such a fun way that even as biased I was, my world had been expanded. I learned that you can implement just the same amount of creativity within vegan recipes just as you can with any other kind of food. I was truly enlightened. And just like me, so many other people across the nation were. That's when the world fell in love with Tabitha Brown.

Since then, I've watched Tabitha Brown blossom into a powerfully influential force on social media, especially on Instagram. But it didn't only stop there, as she became more popular, she started to do massive collaborations with well-known celebrities, famous chefs, and top food YouTube and television networks. Now she's one of them! From her Tick-Tock success, Tabitha Brown has partnered up with Ellen DeGeneres for her very own mini-series vegan cook show and just recently launched her very own Sunshine All-Purpose Seasoning line with McCormick!
Tabitha Brown once lived an ordinary everyday life with her loving and beautiful family, only to find herself in the heart of stardom. Her growth has inspired me so much in ways that are beyond words. Tabitha Brown went from an Uber driver dropping of wealthy clients to their private jet, to now boarding a private jet herself! You go, Miss Tabitha!

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