TopChips Chip Maker 2 Trays + 1 Mandoline

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Color: Charcoal
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Turn fresh fruits and vegetables into your own healthy chips in just a few minutes for a delicious, fat-free snack.

This TopChips chip maker set comes with 2 chip maker trays and a mini-mandoline slicer to turn perfect veggie slices into guilt-free chips with no oil or butter right in your microwave. It also comes with a handy cooking chart with recipe ideas and cooking instructions.

Make chips from potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, and more. What better way to enjoy some underloved but nutritious veggies like parsnips and zucchini than as a chip?


A mandolin for cutting perfectly thin and even slices (1 mm thick)
2 TopChips trays
A booklet with tips for cooking many different fruits and vegetables

    Product features

    • 2 TopChips trays and 1 mandoline slicer
    • Tray diameter: 11 in.
    • Microwave use only
    • Warning: The mandoline is sharp, use caution
    • Do not use with beets

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