Poultry & Pizza Shears - Orka® by mastrad

SKU: A24315

Color: Red
Sale price$14.50


Are you struggling with poultry prep? Do you want to serve your guests perfectly prepared chickens? Then these shears are for you.

The reinforced stainless steel blades can cut through anything, even chicken bones. Their long curved edges allow you to cut quickly and with precision. They're so tough, you can even use them as pruning shears: remove stems from cut flowers, trim your rose bushes, or just slice through a pizza.

Orka® is a kitchen tools brand in Mastrad’s group, specialized in smart, colorful, and technological product to make people want to cook !

Product features

  • Long curved stainless steel blades
  • Protection latch
  • Warning: This product is sharp, use caution

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