Closable Oil Pourer

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Color: Green
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Our unique pouring spout serves two purposes: it effectively seals bottles to prevent leaks while offering a drip-free spout for serving oil and vinegar stored in their original bottles and even wine or spirits!

Simply put the stopper in the bottle, then pour. After using, gently move the bottle side to side to ensure the stainless steel ball has sealed the spout, then put the stoppered bottle away.

The spout design gives you impeccable pouring control. No more accidental overpours!

The silicone stopper seals air out and bottle contents in. Thanks to the flared shape, the stopper spout can fit the necks of most bottles.


  • Perfect seal
  • Adapts to different bottle sizes
  • Fits oil, vinegar, wine, and other alcohol bottles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • French design
  • Guaranteed BPA-free

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