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Every chef knows that for the perfect scrambled eggs or seared salmon, the temperature of the pan is just as important as that of the food. Check your cooking surface temperature before you even start with M°Control.

The M°Control's two probes allow you to check the temperature of your pan, barbecue, or griddle before you even start to cook, then check internal temperature to ensure you cook everything to perfection.

Thanks to dual type K thermocouple sensors, M°Control offers quick, precise temperature readings on its display accurate to half a degree. Turns off automatically after 10 minutes to prolong battery life.

Compatible with all heat sources (including induction) and water resistant, M°Control will be your new favorite sous-chef that you don't have to worry about getting splattered.

Orka® is a kitchen tools brand in Mastrad’s group, specialized in smart, colorful, and technological product to make people want to cook !

Product features

  • Dual cooking probe, type K thermocouple sensors
  • Probes fold away for easy storage
  • Measures surface and internal temperatures
  • Measures temperatures between -58°F and 572°F
  • Compatible with all heat sources, including induction
  • Precision to the nearest half degree
  • AAA battery included

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